The Douglas Center in Skokie, Illinois is a non-profit organization for adults with disabilities. When they contacted us to help create The Adapted Outdoor Sports Recreation Area, we were thrilled. Our goal was to make them the perfect multi-use court. Their mission as it states on their website is, “To assist adults living with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in improving their independent living skills and enrichment of their quality of life.” Here at Sport Court Midwest, we think it’s important for everyone to get involved in physical activities. Physical activity has so many benefits that boost and improves physical and mental health.

The Douglas Center was a project of unique proportions. The space, which is located between the center and a factory, at first seemed to be a challenge. However, this allowed Nate Parsons to get his creative juices flowing. Nate was able to utilize mock-ups to help display what the area would look like and make any changes before the day of installation. Mock-ups help our clients visualize the final product with the colors of their choice and all accessories they would like to add to their court.

At the Douglas Center, there were different sections that allowed for many activities to be added. Two basketball courts were added with equipment to accommodate individuals with different disabilities. There is also tetherball, shuffleboard, and tennis which are all great additions to their recreation program. The ribbon-cutting ceremony proved that this project was a hit. If you wish to learn more about multi-use courts, click here.

Congrats to the Douglas Center and their new Adapted Outdoor Sports Recreation Area!

Check out the article in the Chicago Tribune by clicking below.

Outdoor Multi-use Court

Outdoor Multi-use Court