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Backyard Ice Rinks

Bring the ice rink to your very own backyard!

What We Offer

Quality Construction of Backyard Ice Rinks

Do you and your family enjoy ice hockey and ice skating in the cold weather months in the Midwest? Do you hate driving in poor conditions to get down to a crowded ice rink in the local area? Look no further! We can bring the ice rink to your very own backyard!

You can simply flood and freeze your Sport Court game court for the perfect rink in your backyard. The rink is the perfect surface for a game of hockey or an ice skating session. Imagine the wonderful feeling of bundling up, stepping out into the cold crisp air right onto your very own picturesque rink.

Our ice rinks made from top quality materials built-to-last. Sport Court Midwest installs NiceRink ice rink components to build a rink in your backyard that are easy to set up. We are your ice rink specialists that can turn your lake, pond, driveway, or game court into your very own ice rink. Contact us today for a hassle-free estimate.

Build your Dream

Backyard Ice Rink

It’s easy to build and set up!