We are excited to announce that Sport Court has been named the Official Modular Surface Partner of USA Pickleball. USA Pickleball CEO Stu Upson stated, “With the demand for pickleball facilities higher than ever, we are thrilled to partner with a sports industry leader like Sport Court to help meet the ever-growing need.” “This partnership will be critical in helping local communities, entrepreneurs, and individuals build courts of the highest quality. We are excited for Sport Court’s commitment to deliver safe, custom-designed pickleball courts to further expand our sport across the country.” To read more from USA Pickleball, click here.

Our SportGame PB surface brings innovation to the modular surface market with its authentic play for pickleball. Our pickleball surface provides excellent ball bounce and playability that incorporates safety properties allowing athletes of all ages to play for hours at a time with less wear and tear on their bodies. SportGame Pickleball’s lateral forgiveness technology absorbs shock, lessening impact and risk of injuries. The textured surface and formulation provide a balance between traction and low skin abrasion, keeping athletes safe and protected. Designed with UV stabilizers and our patented formula SportGame PB will keep your court colorful and playable even at surface temperatures of 165 Fahrenheit! SportGame PB comes available in 12 different colors.

Members of USA Pickleball are eligible for a $500 discount on any pickleball playing surface minimum of 30 feet by 50 feet.

Click here to learn more about SportGame PB, and click here to learn more about USA Pickleball.