This is another example of Sport Court Midwest saving a customer’s tennis courts,saving them money and giving them a better than new result.Don’t tear out but Refurbish your old tennis courts with a custom solution for your outdoor courts from Sport Court Midwest. SCM offers Six different , proven, systems for your old asphalt courts.

This project occurred at Elgin Academy. They had  called us and asked for a quote to come tear -out  and build  a new  bank of 4 tennis courts.  SCM  came out performed an assesment of the condition of the asphalt. While the asphalt was heavily cracked it was in pretty good shape for being 35 years old. We came back to the school with options to put down a sport court overlay system that also protects the asphalt from moisture, the main threat to asphalt is our freeze thaw cycle. These rolled sheet good systems install over the top of your old asphalt . No more tear-outs. These types of systems protect the asphalt,eliminate seeing cracks and extend the life cycle of the older courts by decades. This saved Elgin Academy  tens of thousands of dollars and gave them crack free courts. Something putting new asphalt down could not of done. Sport Court has literally saved hundreds of courts with one of our 6 overlay systems that we can offer.