Over the past year, the sport of Pickleball has been on fire. It has been an activity that everyone has had to get used to hearing about. The growth of Pickleball has been red hot and has become a fun and competitive activity for all ages. Soon, you won’t need to go to the park or country club to get a game of pickleball in. With help from Sport Court Midwest, you can now enjoy a game of Pickleball in your own backyard. You can do this with an Outdoor Sport Court featuring our latest surface “Sport Game Pickleball“.

The Future of Racquet Sports

We have been making courts for over 45 years, we know how to build courts that will keep players safe and give authentic pickleball play. Whether you are a recreational player or a seasoned pickleball competitor, Sport Court’s high-performing court surfaces will give you the ultimate playing experience. In fact, SportGame PB tested out against other surfaces with a more consistent ball bounce. It also has a higher shock absorption, better lateral forgiveness and is less abrasive than other surfaces. With the rapid growth and rising popularity of pickleball across the country, Sport Court engineered and tested an athletic surface fit to match each player’s needs regardless of age or skill level.

Sport Court backs its products with a 15-year limited warranty. This will keep your family playing for years to come. Here at Sport Court Midwest, we design, build, and install Sport Court surfaces. We also maintain those surfaces with our annual tune-up services. Sport Court surfaces are low maintenance, not “NO maintenance” surfaces. We recommend having a tune-up of your court completed every year or two to keep the court’s surface performing at its absolute best. For any recreational or seasoned pickleball competitor, SportGame PB is the recommended surface to fit all your needs. Choose SportGame PB to surface your courts and see what all of the hype is about.