The Sport Court Midwest team just finished up this Roller Hockey Rink project for the Jacksonville Park District. The revival of this roller hockey rink has been something the park district has been working towards for a long time. With the project completed, the whole community is celebrating this amazing addition. The project could not have been done without the stellar efforts of collaboration made by our team and Jacksonville’s Park District management.

The Plan

Sport Court has collaborated with a vast majority of park districts over the years. Our team understands the fundraising, budgeting, and dedication that comes with investing in a new project for Park District’s administration. Jacksonville’s Park District had an end goal in mind that included obstacles we recognized from past experiences working with other park districts. This community came to us wanting to transform the Rink into something safer, more secure, and long-lasting. Our company understands how invaluable recreational facilities are for communities and have seen how much sports can bring people together.

The Execution

Thanks to the fundraising and donation efforts of the city, as covered in the local news, our company was able to successfully complete the project. An effort that took 15 crew members, two full work days, and the hard work of some community volunteers. The court is 1,500 sqft, a little bit under the standard Roller Hockey Rink dimensions. This is a great example of the versatility of Sport Court products. The replacement of old asphalt and the addition of our sport court material left the court safe, secure, and ready for a lifetime of play.

The Future

The Jacksonville Community now has everything they wanted in the Roller Hockey Rink. A safe place where the value of teamwork and working hard is learned. Now local teams and professional leagues will hold practices and host games at their fully re-vamped roller hockey rink. We are proud to have been a part of this exerted effort and celebrate along with the community of Jacksonville. Sport Court has been bringing sports to communities and families since 1974 and is happy to continue to do so.