Congratulations to West Side Academy and the people of Gary, Indiana on their new Tennis and Pickleball courts! The tennis courts at the school received a much-needed upgrade last week. The old courts were in a state of disrepair. They have not received much use. This tennis court complex was refurbished, replacing the old, deteriorated asphalt. It was replaced with low maintenance, high performance, SportGame surface from Sport Court Midwest. The SportGame surface offers a NO CRACK, durable and safe surface with a 15-year warranty and no need to ever repaint these courts!

Whether a tennis court surface, pickleball surface, basketball court surface, or any athletic surface, Sport Court Midwest offers many solutions to refurbish your old, unused courts. West Side Academy has now become a showpiece for the community, and they have given their kids the gift of a good playing surface. Visit or call 630-350-8652 to start building your dream court today! To learn more click here!

Here at Sport Court Midwest, we are the experts when it comes to Multi-Use court installations. Building a Pickleball court can be a long challenging process, but with the right surface, and team, it makes it worth it. The new SportGame Pickleball surface from Sport Court offers the most real-like bounce on the market. You get the normal Pickleball fun without the wear and tear that concrete puts on your body. To learn more about the SportGame Pickleball surface, click here!