Hilton Chicago Oakbrook Hills Resort, a popular destination for corporate events, weddings, and family vacations, has recently added pickleball and basketball facilities with Sport Court surfaces. Sport Court Midwest installed four new pickleball courts made with Sport Court’s SportGame Pickleball in green and bright blue and a full-court basketball court made with Sport Court’s PowerGame Plus in green and bright blue. To learn more about scheduling, drills offered, and people to play with click here

SportGame Pickleball is the official modular surface of USA Pickleball, the national governing body for the sport. USA Pickleball came to Sport Court to create a modular surface to prevent injury and allow for the best possible pickleball gameplay. Regarding injuries, the surface provides the lowest amount of skin abrasion compared to traditional hard-court surfaces like acrylic and concrete. At the same time, the patented lateral forgiveness™ reduces joint strain and fatigue on the body. The UV stabilizers and patented formula keep the court playable even at surface temperatures up to 165F. Overall, making Sport Court’s SportGame Pickleball the safest surface to play pickleball on. 

The new pickleball courts at Hilton Chicago Oakbrook Hills Resort are a hit with guests. The courts are well-lit and easy to maintain, and the SportGame Pickleball surface provides consistent bounce and playability for all levels of players. Sport Court’s Pickleball surface reduces injuries, lasts longer while having a more professional and cleaner look, and plays similarly to acrylic surfaces.

The new basketball court at Hilton Chicago Oakbrook Hills Resort is also a great addition to the resort’s amenities. The basketball court is Sport Court’s PowerGame Plus surface, which is durable and safer on the body. The PowerGame Plus surface also provides excellent traction and bounce, making it ideal for basketball players of all levels.

Hilton Chicago Oakbrook Hills Resort proudly offers its guests the best pickleball and basketball facilities. The new Sport Court surfaces will provide years of enjoyment for guests of all ages thanks to Sport Court’s 15-year warranty on their surfaces.

BeforeBasketball and Pickleball Court Hilton Oakbrook Hills Resort

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Sport Court: The Official Modular Surface of Pickleball

Sport Court is proud to be the official modular surface of USA Pickleball. We are committed to providing the best possible surface for pickleball players of all levels. Our SportGame Pickleball surface is designed specifically for pickleball, it provides a consistent bounce and playability that players love. We are committed to supporting the growth of pickleball, and we are proud to be a part of this exciting sport.

Click here to learn more about our SportGame Pickleball surface. Click here to learn more about USA Pickleball.  We’re here to help you take your pickleball game to the next level. Click here, to learn more about this court at pickleballheads.com.