At Sport Court Midwest, we bring people together through the power of sports. When Kennedy Park needed a roller hockey rink, we didn’t hesitate. The Chicago Park District, the National Hockey League, and the Chicago Blackhawks chose Sport Court Midwest to ensure top quality in the final product. We are proud to be trusted by communities to provide first class, long-lasting game courts.

Secondly, Kennedy Park is now home to a 15,000 square-foot outdoor roller hockey rink. This rink is designed for safety to support players of all ages and abilities. This dynamic, multi-use court surface can accommodate almost any sport, including hockey and other roller sports. The Power Game athletic surface absorbs impact, reduces strain on the joints, and provides extra traction to prevent slipping. Power Game™ is the highest rated athletic surface on the market and Sport Court Midwest is the official dealer for it.

Thirdly, Kennedy Park can now bring the community together and host roller hockey games in an elite outdoor arena. The NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks trusted Sport Court Midwest for its high-quality roller rink construction and materials. We honored our commitment to meet top standards for all of our projects.

Lastly, in the future, we will do more projects like this roller hockey rink. Connecting the community, and bringing people together, is so special. We also look forward to working with Kennedy Park and the Chicago Blackhawks in the near future.