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In-Home athletic Flooring

elevate your home with Sport Court Midwest


Transform your living spaces with Sport Court Midwest’s premium in-home athletic flooring options. Our versatile flooring solutions are perfect for a variety of areas in your home, providing durability, style, and functionality.

in-home athletic flooring


Turn your garage into a showroom with our Daytona™ flooring. This colorful, durable flooring is simple to install and snaps together to cover cracked or pitted concrete. Not only does it protect subfloors from the elements, but it also eases the back-warping fatigue caused by standing on hard surfaces.

Exercise Rooms

Create a health club atmosphere in the comfort of your own home with our in-home athletic flooring. Our custom color combinations and patterns allow you to design the perfect workout space. This flooring can be laid directly over existing floors, protecting them from damage caused by heavy gym equipment.

Recreation Rooms

Make your recreation room a space where kids can play freely with our durable Sport Court flooring. Tougher than carpet and safer than concrete, our flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas. Choose from bright color combinations or create game surfaces with geometric patterns.


Protect your basement from moisture and mildew buildup with our HP2 modular flooring system. Installed directly over existing basement floors, this system creates a barrier between moisture and your belongings. Our flooring resists mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Outdoor Decking

Upgrade your outdoor space with our UV-resistant and colorfast outdoor flooring. Our outdoor products are installed right over existing decks or concrete, providing a beautiful and comfortable surface. Not only does our outdoor flooring look fantastic, but it also feels great to walk on barefoot.

Experience the difference that premium in-home athletic flooring can make in your home. Contact Sport Court Midwest today to learn more about our flooring options and transform your living spaces into functional and stylish areas for your family to enjoy.