Sport Court Midwest not only offers summer sport surfaces! We also will install ice hockey rinks into your own backyard for a fun winter experience. We have teamed up with NiceRink to install their components so that you can enjoy family-friendly fun right at home.  Whether you have a lake, pond, driveway, or game court, we can turn it into an ice hockey rink for the winter. We simply flood the rink and wait for the water to freeze and then you will have the full NHL experience right in your own backyard.

Picture this: you wake up on a cold morning, sun is out, and the snow is falling. You look out of your back window and your ice rink has officially frozen over and it is now time to skate. So, you lace up and head into your own backyard to get a nice morning skate in. You have the ice rink all to yourself and the hassle of commuting is taken out of the equation. Please reach out to us today so that we can set you up for the winter as soon as possible. You can visit us at or call 630-350-8652 to set up an appointment. Estimates are free!