At Sport Court Midwest, we specialize in at-home athletics that keep families active. While we are usually known for our outdoor basketball courts, we offer a variety of options both indoor and outdoor. One of our products is aerobic/exercise gym flooring. We offer this fitness room flooring with options that locks together or do not, depending on your preferences. There are a variety of designs to choose from where you can pick the color of the flooring as well as the thickness. 

It is all customizable! We specialize in Pavigym fitness flooring which provides you with many different options for your fitness flooring needs. Sport Court gym flooring is perfect for any area in your facility and can be customized for each different section. Whether it is a high traffic area or a wet area, the flooring is made for your space. It also works great with ground exercises and high-performance areas such as cardio and fitness areas. Our fitness room flooring absorbs vibrations and sounds to be acoustically appealing. We also put preventive measures in place to keep equipment from sliding.

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