Congrats to the people of Mt. Prospect and River Trails Park District on their court restoration. The new court’s River Trails Park District was all upgraded at Burning Bush Trails Park. The old courts have been in a state of disrepair for many years and sat unused. This 26,000 multi-court complex was restored. We replaced the old, deteriorated asphalt with a high-performance Sport Court Midwest surface. This expansive and versatile complex now features pickleball courts, a full tennis court, a basketball court, a roller hockey court, and a Futsal court.

All with Sport Court’s patented SportGame court surface technology. The Sport Game surface offers a NO CRACK, durable, and safe surface with a 15-year warranty. No need to ever repaint these courts! Whether a tennis court, pickleball, basketball court, or any athletic surface, Sport Court Midwest offers many solutions for court restoration on your old and unused courts. Burning Bush Trails Park has become a showpiece for the community and Sport Court Midwest is excited to be a part of this court restoration project. So, this spring head over to Burning Bush Trails Park and get a game or two in. Make sure to check out all of the new courts that are offered. If you want to see restoration photos, click here.