Sport Court’s newest and most popular surface SportGame Pickleball is the best athletic surface to play Pickleball on. SportGame Pickleball is the Official Modular Surface of USA Pickleball. Click here to see what USA Pickleball about our SportGame Pickleball surface. SportGame Pickleball is engineered for authentic pickleball play while reducing the risk of injury. SportGame Pickleball’s lateral forgiveness technology absorbs shock, lessening impact and risk of injuries. The textured surface and formulation provide a balance between traction and low skin abrasion, keeping athletes safe.

Best surface for pickleball
Lan Oak Park District – Lansing IL.

SportGame Pickleball is specifically developed to optimize ball bounce and ball response for pickleball play. The skip and arc of the ball are similar to acrylic, with the added benefits of injury protection. SportGame PB tested out against other surfaces with a more consistent ball bounce. It also has higher shock absorption, better lateral forgiveness, and is less abrasive than other surfaces. Designed with UV stabilizers and our patented formula SportGame Pickleball will keep your court colorful and playable even at surface temperatures of 165 Fahrenheit! SportGame Pickleball comes available in 12 different colors.

SportGame Pickleball maximizes performance while optimizing safety for pickleball players of all ages. To learn more about SportGame Pickleball, click here.