Spring and Summertime is perfect for the outdoors, whether you are cooking out, hosting a party, having some friends over but the only way it could get any better than that is by having a Sport Court right in your own backyard! Here at Sport Court Midwest, we are proud to call ourselves, “The Most Trusted Name in Court Construction” From the project managers, to customer service reps, to laborers, to all team members, we all at Sport Court take pride in his or her work. Our Backyard courts are a popular product that we offer and has been a major part in the success and popularity of Sport Court. Our Backyard Courts are popular because we can perfectly install our courts to fit the dimensions of your backyard, you can have the courts feature activities such as: basketball, volleyball, pickleball, tennis, futsal and much more. We at Sport Court believe in going above and beyond for you and your family, it can be overwhelming when researching game courts for your family. You want to choose the best, safest and low maintenance product. At Sport Court, we are proud to say that all our products have all these features Sport Court, court surfaces are not a no maintenance material, they are low maintenance! At Sport Court we offer annual service calls and court tune-ups on all court surfaces, especially our backyard courts. Backyard courts are more prone to have debris and shifts due to weather changes and surrounding trees and landscaping that blows onto the court. Backyard courts are often prone to moss and silt build up that can be detrimental to the appearance and shorten the life span of your sport court. Not to worry, because with a scheduled service call or court tune-up we would be happy to offer you a quote with general pricing depending on size of court and condition of the court, we can come out to remove any moss or silt build up or replace or fix any other problems that come up on your court. Our Sport Court tune-up are similar to getting your car detailed. Protect your investment by scheduling an annual court tune-up and keep your backyard court looking brand new.