Sport Court Midwest offers a variety of options for the perfect indoor gym. While most of our summer work is for backyard sport courts, we also do a lot of work with home gyms. Depending on where you live, an outdoor multi-use court could be a seasonal investment. With an at-home gym, it is something that can be used anytime. You can even customize your perfect home gym floor with Wall Pads, Scoreboards, Carpeting, Net Systems, AND MORE!

The best part about our gym flooring is that it is completely customizable. We offer more than 11 different flooring options, all to suit the needs of your sport and body. Whether it be a harder surface for basketball or a more flexible surface for more intense on-the-body sports, our project managers will help customize your court to suit the needs of your family. You can also visit our in-office showroom to test out the feel of the courts before you purchase them! We also do weight room and Pilates flooring.

At Sport Court, we can design your family a home gym to suit your dreams and fit within your budget. All our flooring options offer a NO CRACK, durable and safe surface with a 15-year warranty and no need to ever repaint. Call 630-350-8652 or visit for a FREE CONSULTATION today!